Available Metals

Available Finishes

Metal Samples

Architectural Bronze     • Various patinas
• Untreated finish, (shown right)
• Buffed polish

Aluminum • Buffed polish
• Untreated finish, (shown right)
• Various anodized finishes,
        (6 available colors)
• Various Powder Coating colors,
        (500 Available colors)

Hot Rolled Steel • Plain untreated, (shown right)
• Degreased and waxed, (shown right)  
• Blued and waxed, (shown right)

Galvanized finishes • Zinc Clear, (shown right)
• Tin Plated, (shown right)
• Nickel Plated, (shown right)
• Cadmium Yellow, (shown right)
• Zinc Yellow, (shown right)

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