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KellyArc Company is proud to introduce a new visual and merchandise display system, under the brand name KellyArc Retail.
This versatile and unique modular system employs the "embedded photograph" technique developed by Justin Kelly under the KellyArc Company banner.
Visual displays or merchandise displays are custom designed to suit retailers needs. The pictorial content is supplied by the retailer's advertising images or directly from their product catalogs.
Our graphics department develops supplied pictures and text into visual statements that reinforce the merchandise or identity of the retailer. All frames that are used in this patent-pending system employ high quality film reproductions surrounded by colored glass, all neatly framed in a unique aluminum framing system.
These modular panels are then designed into free-standing or permanent architecturally unique fabrications that dramatically display the retailer's merchandise or identity.
All KellyArc Retail fabrications are custom-designed and fabricated to order. On average, prices for custom-designed constructions range from $110 / sq.ft. to $140 / sq.ft.  There is a substantial reduction for high volume reproductions of similar designs.

Procedures for placing your KellyArc Retail order
1. Fax a floor plan of your retail environment to KellyArc Company at (718) 707-9700
2. Relay the type of item you need; preview designs here.
3. Review the available glass colors from the samples here.  Note the glass color numbers.
4. Forward the photographs and graphic text on disk, or prints, with your deposit to:

KellyArc Company
The Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 275, Studio 204
Brooklyn, NY 11205

5. Review the preliminary presentations...Then let the fun and fabrication begin.
6. Crating and shipping is available at cost for all KellyArc Retail products.

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