KellyArc Company

Glass lantern slides-photographs printed on
glass,like the hand-tinted image of lemons
and lilies shown at left-were de rigueur at
lectures from the 19th-century through the
1950's. "But when modern film was invented,
nobody needed them," says Justin Kelly, a
37-year-old designer who is innovatively
recycling those artifacts into elegant
made-to-order objects with theme-park
joie de vivre. From his cache of more than
18,000 antique and vintage slides, Kelly can

create shower doors depicting waterfalls, folding screens of chugging locomotives, and
cheval mirrors framed panels, like the 18-image windows dedicated to flora shown above,
start at $1,000 each. New this month is an aluminum table lamp ($150) designed to
incorporate 12 personal photos-wedding portraits, baby pictures, holiday snapshots
made into 3x4 inch slides: