KellyArc Company

The words "elegance" and "recycling"
are rarely found in the same sentence.
But Justin Kelly, a contractor in TriBeCa,
has risen to the challenge, thanks to a
client whose indoor shutters were
crusted by a century's worth of paint.
Mr. Kelly, 36 did not look forward to
stripping the shutters and remembered
that he had a couple of boxes of Victorian
glass-lantern slides, small photographic
plates. A second career and a dazzling
special effect were born. Mr Kelly's
post-modern "stained glass" panels
are mosaic like color or black-and-white
slides, sandwiched between plates of
safety glass and framed in aluminum,
architectural bronze or steel.

The shutters–and designs for shower
doors, room partitions and folding

screens–can ornament any space with a gallery of cracker-size art. Clients can choose
from more than 13,000 vintage slides, with images from French churches to old bridges,
or have thier own images transferred by computer onto acetate. "A this-is-your-life
screen could have hundreds of pictures of every person and every places in your life.
" Mr Kelly said. The frames "screw-tight construction makes them easy to alter, in
case a loved one falls out of favor."