KellyArc Company

Justin Kelly studied as a painter at the Cooper Union's Fine Art School in New York, graduating in 1984. Five years later he set up his own business - KellyArc - an architectural accessories design and fabrication company.
Inspired by a client's Victorian indoor shutters, Kelly experimented with a box of antique glass lantern slides (a gift from his brother) which were originally used as photographic plates between 1880 and 1920. Justin set them into comtemporary glass and steel frames to form unconventional shutters featuring a striking tableau of images. "It was just a creative moment, I guess" he says
Justin quickly diversified, producing french doors, shower doors, fixed partitions, rolling screens and table lamps, as well as introducing panels of vivid colour. Client's can choose a theme such as nature, historic sites or industry from Justin's vast collection of over 16,000 vintage slides, or can "drop themselves into history" by featuring their own images.

"A 'this-is-your-life' screen could have hundreds of pictures of every person and place in your life," he says.

Justin regularly trawls antique markets, camera shows and estate sales. "People have a tendency to put them in the basement and forget about them so they are getting harder to find." Justin works largely by commission, but his lanterns are currently in production for retail and his business is now taking off internationally, with an outlet in Sydney and plans for another in Asia.

KellyArc Company
157 Hudson Street, Studio 1
New York, NY 10013
212 274 9010