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Doors, shower doors and lights, manufactured by KellyArc, (718)707-9700,, cost: from $160 per sq. ft.
Justin Kelly is a New York City builder and artist. Some time back, Justin's brother-in-law gave him a box of turn-of-the-century lantern slides. Lantern slides are painted or photographic images on glass. They were inserted into what wwas known as a Magic Lantern to project the image on a screen.
I've seen lantern slides advertised in a 1908 Sears Roebuck catalog, and the images ranged from ones of our new national parks to photos of the siege of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese War. Lantern slides were popular parlor entertainment at the time, the forerunner of your brother-in-law's vacation slide show.
Justin found a use for these artifacts. After encapsulating the slides between panes of UV-resistant glass, Justin sets them in frames made of bronze, aluminum or powder-coated steel. These slides can be custom-configured as, for example, doors, screens and wall sconces.
Justin claims to have 30,000 lantern slides to choose from, gleaned from sources such as flea markets and attics. He can also reproduce your photos, even digital photos, and use them instead of lantern slides.
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